Friday, June 11, 2010

Just Decorating Our New Nest

I was just thinking: Actually I published the Invitation for the Inauguration of Pipke's new nest on Pipke's old nest (URL old nest see below in this post or above in the sidebar) but it actually also belongs to this place. The inauguration happened here, without it Pipke's new nest would not be complete.
Therefore I will adjust something.
I'm going to take a thumbnail:) and pin the invitation on the *wall here so that also you can see it (if you haven't seen it yet).
I only hope it doesn't annoy you to see those funny partying ducks here once again!:)
Then here follows the inauguration invitation like it appeared on the old nest.


We have a reason to party!

Pipke moved to a new place!

Hereby I would like to invite you to inspect the new nest I've built for Pipke.
I've created this new nest especially for Pipke's life story.

This is now Pipke's second home!
(Thus, the place where you are right now:)

I hope that it can get your approval and that you will visit the new home from time to time.
That I have built a new nest doesn't mean that I will give up the old nest. (URL)
I will keep it and maintain it, it must stay neat and tidy. I will cherish it because it is the place where it all once started. I also will publish from time to time a new post there. I will use the old nest for other subjects than Pipke's story.
See you on my new nest!

Don't you agree that it's better so, only now this new nest is complete!
For me it will be a beautiful souvenir, a day to remember.
The day of Pipke's rebirth!
Thank you for becoming a follower of this new nest.
I promise you I will not let you down.
PS: * just imagine that this nest has walls!:):)
Your patience will be rewarded. 
Next time I will start with the story, I will turn the first page of the book!

I still want to add: probably you have seen in "following blog" that I was experimenting in it for a while because I had a problem with publishing images. (I published several test posts.)
Sorry for the mess on your dashboard girls. Over exposier!

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