Monday, May 31, 2010

Inauguration Pipke's New Nest

May I present myself.

I'm Pipke!

I'm really glad to welcome you here at my second home.

My mate Fran has built this second nest especially for me.

and I'm Fran, Pipke's mate. 

With much love and devotion I have built this new nest for her. 

At this new home I want to give her a second life and I want to share it with you.

Here you will get to know the sweetest duck that ever lived.
You will be the witness of her birth, her baby and toddler time. How she grew up and how she chose me as her partner.
You will also experience the cheerful happy times, (this is the largest chapter) and the bad times we had together, the adventures she had (and she had several), her appearance on TV, how she (and we) grew old and the heaviest moment in our life: how we had to say farewell to her.
This will be her full detailed life and love story supplemented with many pictures and film pictures.
However, I hope that this new nest will merit your approval and that you find it not only solid but also soft and warm enough.
Of course it's on you to add more soft *fluffs to make the place cozy, so it will become the perfect new nest for Pipke. (You always need to add new fluffs to a nest in use or it will decline.):)
I will lay my first **egg very soon, I only need a little more time to adjust some supporting twigs here and there.
To close this first real post here on her new nest I want to dedicate this song to Pipke. I have chosen this (click on this) song in particular because it shows the way I feel and think about her.
Somewhere out there …. are you the one I loved most dearly!

I still can shed tears that she is gone or I can smile because she has lived.
I prefer to smile.
I hope you'll be here to enjoy the wonderful happy times we had together.

We thank you for your presence.
See You!


PS: For me soft *fluffs are “comments” and of course with **egg I mean: that I will start to publish the first part of the story.
I can't lay eggs yet!:):)
:):) Have you noticed that I got already a few comments on my previous post while I was constructing this new home! I really enjoyed it. LOL

The commenters told me that there was a problem with the link.
On 3/3/2012 I discovered that the Youtube film that I'd selected first was no longer available!
I had chosen a piano (non-vocal with only lyrics) version but because it was no longer available I had to replace it with the one you can see now.
I have chosen this song especialy for the lyrics. 

As a souvenir to this special event, may I ask you to sign the guest book before you leave.


    What a happy day it is!! I think your new nest is BEAUTIFUL!!! It really feels like home--so warm and welcoming--you've done an excellent job Fran! I'm sure you've been a busy girl. You could teach me how to build such a nice nest :)
    I can't wait to follow the story--I am so pleased that I am here for the beginning so I can follow as you go.
    What a BEAUTIUFL picture of you and Pipke--the two of you made a striking image.
    I also like the "I'm really glad you're here banner." Makes me feel warm inside.
    I'm honored to have become the first follower (says something for getting up early).
    I was not able to find Pipkes song...otherwise everything else is splendid.
    Love the part about smiling because she was here or crying because she's gone. So very true!

    Congratulations again!! This will be a wonderful way to touch the hearts of the world with Pipke's story.
    I'm pleased to have been able to add a little fluff...if warm intentions and love can be measured you will have the softest nest that every was.
    Hugs and Cheers!

    ps--On the first post where you mentioned the title I think you could add "Life and love story of a duck"

  2. Hey, this is lovely!

    (I first posted at the wrong place, typical! :p)

    What a fanstastic ode to Pipke! A landmark, so-to-speak, for the memory to live on and on in. :)

    I look forward to sitting here with my cup of tea and reading the story. :D

    Perhaps the weather will also brighten up soon, and then you can truly celebrate in your garden with some champagne. (even if only imaginary!)

  3. Fran, this is wonderful! I LOVE IT!!

    You have done a beautiful job building Pipke's new nest. It's soft and comfy; every twig has been placed with tender loving care.

    I can hardly wait to read yours and Pipke's story from the very beginning. I can't find the song either but I know that will get fixed.

    This is a true celebration. Pass the champagne!!

  4. To Tabitha, Ter-o-fla and Jeannie
    First of all – thank you very much for sighing the guestbook, it will be a beautiful memento for me.
    Thank you also for becoming the first followers of Pipke's new nest. I promise you I will not let you down.
    The soft fluff was very welcome. It was a pity that the link to Pipke's song didn't work but in the mean time the problem is solved. If you haven't heard the song yet then I want to invite you to listen to it.

    Let's raise the glass to Pipke ladies.:)
    Thank you for your presence.

    PS: I followed your advice Tabitha. See header! Thank you.:)

  5. Hello fran, i tried to leave a comment earlier but it wouldnt let me, i hope this one goes through.
    congratulations on the new nest, i love that! beautiful picture of you and Pipke.

  6. Sorry for the inconvenience Lilly!
    I do know why you couldn't comment on my blog.
    I was experimenting in it for a while because I had a problem with publishing images.
    The mystery isn't solved yet and I'm still trying to find out what goes wrong.

    Thanks for becoming a follower.:)