Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pipke on TV: Part Two

 Pipke on TV: Images. 

How it went.

After entering the vet's research room.

"And who we have here?" - asked the host.


 "This is Pipke!" - I said.

Here I had to explain how it came we had a duck as pet.

Not at her ease waiting while I was telling her story!

*Keen as mustard telling her story! 
I didn't know this saying yet. *Enthusiast. Funny :)

Explaining her problems.  

Here the vet is preparing a sample of her stool for examination.

Examining her stool under the microscope. 

Here the evildoers appear on the screen.  

A little worried after hearing the research results.

 Here the vet took her to turn her upside down to treat her. 

Oh she was so frightened!

Preparation for the injection.

Searching for the right spot to administer the injection.

The injection itself was complemented with a loud quack! 

Here the vet gives the pills to deworm her.

Preparation for the administering of the feeding tube.
"And now follows the 'foie gras' method!" - said the host.

Eager to get back to Oma!

Both relieved to be reunited. 

Glad the *abuse was over! 
Of course in her eyes this was *so, nobody else had ever treated her that way!

Both glad the research was done.

A precious moment! 
The both of us 'happy' together.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Bye, bye, and thanks for watching ! 

Till soon.