Friday, June 18, 2010

Turning the First Page

This is the Touching Life and Love Story of 
Pipke the Duck and Her Human Mate
Written by her Mate 
Fran Leduc


Imagine this is a book and you've just turned the first page.

One of the first things which you normally would encounter is of course a note of the author and the contents.
But actually this isn't a normal book, so therefore I will give you first some information how to follow the story, that's more important for you at this moment.
Thereafter will follow the contents and thereafter the author's note.

You can follow the story in two manners.
One: from the sidebar under "Contents/Links".  There it will be classified under:"story". 
I will add a character in order that the story evolves. (For example: story a, story a/b, a/c and so on.) 
You can click then on the characters you like, so it will be almost as if you turn a page in a book.
Two: from the Contents here below on this first page of this “book”.
I will add the character which corresponds with the character on the sidebar behind the titles of the chapters later. So you can go to Contents to choose the chapter you want to read.
Three: you can also follow the "Recent Posts" in the sidebar. 
I hope my explanation is clear to you.
I also want to add that I'm not always going to publish a whole chapter at one time because some are very long. The longer chapters I will split in parts and I will finish them with: will be continued.
I think that this will be the best way to do it.
You must know that the story became eventually 175 pages long (in a normal book size) not all pictures and film pictures included.
I hope that it will interest you and that it can continue to captivate you.
Of course there will be some chapters less captivating than others, but then just skip them, I would understand and would not mind if you do that. (I do that too when I read books!:)
The titles in this color are the chapters which are already published.
Here follows the
Turning the First Page -- Life story a
Autor's Note -- Life story a
Previous History -- Lifestory a/b
A Blessing in Disguise --Lifestory a/b
Her First Week -- Life story a/c
The Next Weeks -- Life story a/c
Husband's Plan A --Life story a/d
Husband's Plan B --Life story a/d
Husband's Plan C: The Escape -- Life story a/e
Flying Lessons -- Life story a/f
The End of a Beautiful Giant -- Life story a/g
A Discovery -- Life story a/h
My Soft Spot for Animals -- Life story a/i
A Companion for Pipke -- Life story a/j
Her First Nest (April 1996) -- Life story a/k
Choosing her Partner -- Life story a/L
Living in the Woodland -- Life story a/m
Missing Duck: Distributing Flyers! -- Life story a/n
A bad Experience  -- Life story a/O
A Bet -Life story a/p
Emergency (June 1979) -- Life story a/q
Little Critters Great and Small -- Life story a/r
Being Separated (January 1998)  -- Life story a/s
Help....Robbers! & Making nests- Life story a/t
Making Nests – Life story a/u
Pipke on TV – Life story a/v
A Dissolution – Life story a/w & a/x
Hormonal Problems – Life story a/w & a/x
On the Roller Coaster  -- Life story a/y
Mating Season (2003) -- Life story a/z
A Dangerous Invasion on Top – Life story ab/a
Normal Days in Pipke's Life: part 1 – Life story ab/b
Normal Days in Pipke's Life: part 2 Life story ab/b
Normal Days in Pipke's Life: part 3 
Clean up Time! -- Life story ab/c
The “Quack” Vocabulary – Life story ab/d
Her Eagle Eye! -- Life story ab/e
Sparrows with Mustaches -- Life story ab/f
Year after Year: Fireworks -- Life story ab/g
Some “Quack” Knowledge -- Life story ab/h
The Second Bird Flu Epidemic: 2006 -- Life story ab/i 
Tube Feeding -- Life story ab/j
Beautiful Memories on Picture or Film
Time Went On -- Life story ab/k
Growing Old – Sucks   Life story ab/l
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine -- Life story ab/m
The Explanation of Pipke's Problems -- Life story ab/n
Spring 2009 -- Life story ab/o
May, 25 it was her fourteenth birthday -- Life story ab/p
Pipke's Very Last Fight -- Life story ab/q
Her very Last Journey -- Life story ab/r
The Days After -- Life story ab/s
Starting to Doubt -- Life story ab/t
Closing an Era -- Life story ab/u

This is the life story of Pipke my white crested pet duck. She had many periods of illness in her life. I've tried to avoid to talk too much about them. So, in the interest of the story I have skipped the bad periods as much as I could because I didn't want them to dominate in her story.
There were also many good periods and happy times and this became the largest chapter.
I've tried to be correct with the dates, but it's possible they vary a little in the first five years because I then didn't keep a “real” diary, so I couldn't verify all the dates.
Actually, I think it doesn't really matter because it happened, and that's what matters.
I here describe Pipke's and our life, her adventures, events that took place at our home and in our garden during her life, and how we grew old together.

I hope you have seen a few titles which would attract you.
Next time I will start with her story!
So – for the first time I say: will be continued.

Till next time.
PS: Leduc is of course my pen name.
Sorry if this was rather a boring post and I had to repeat things, but I had to introduce the story to the new visitors.
I will publish a separate post with only the Contents later so it will appear under a separate label: Contents on the sidebar.

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