Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Husband's Plans A and B

Hello, good to see you again!

We hope you had a beautiful holiday season!
To continue with the story.

Husband's Plan A

Although we had done all that work for her, and although our bond grew much closer, in fact – from the beginning my husband wasn't so keen to keep her!
He spoke about his plan to take her away to another place. I protested very strongly against it, but I am married and not alone to take a decision on this.
His argument was that: “with her we would have no more freedom”. So he had been looking for a place, and he had found one: “a children's farm”. He said that “this would be the best for her!”
The owners of this farm were prepared to take Pipke, they would give her a place on their pond among other ducks.
From the moment she was six weeks old, we took her to the children's farm several times a week.
She enjoyed the ride and she looked around very astonished sitting in her plastic container next to me on the back seat of the car. This was the first time that she saw the great big outside world.
Sometimes it was very funny to see the faces of other car drivers or pedestrians when we passed, their eyes followed us very astonished!
After several visits (at least fifteen times) and after being introduced several times to the other ducks we thought now we should try to let her meet them.

Here we were still in the neighborhood so she wasn't yet in panic.

From the moment we left her alone and hid ourselves she was totally in panic. She was even attacked by the other ducks. Of course they considered her as being an invader.
Therefore we had to intervene immediately, or one minute later they would have teared her apart. One drake even bit her in her wing, and he kept her very firmly, he was really furious.
No – this wouldn't be a solution – we wouldn't even consider to come back with her!
This wasn't the right place for her!
During the whole period of the visits to the children's farm, I almost couldn't sleep at night, it was a very hard time for me.
I wouldn't let her go. She had become the centre point of my life.

Early morning ritual.

Visiting her parents at the pond.

Now, after what happened at the children's farm, I thought that my husband would keep her, and I felt in fact a little relieved, but my husband had already made another plan.

Husband's Plan B
He came with another proposition. He would bring her to another place: a little farm, also with a pond and ducks: “a perfect place for her” he said.
The owners – real animal friends – had three children.
The place was situated only 5 km away from our home, so we could visit her whenever we'd like to.
I can remember that day as if it were yesterday: August 15, 1995.
We took her away in the early morning!
Again from the moment she could no longer see us – she was totally in panic and calling for us – quacking loudly.
My husband said: “you must be strong now, this will soon be over!”
So we drove back home, I … weeping and trying to convince myself that she would be OK now!
But – when we were back home – and I saw the now empty garden – the thought that she would no longer be with us – that last image of her – so helpless – calling for us – It broke my heart!
It felt as if I had left my own crying child behind.
It was in the late afternoon and because I was still sad and in tears, my husband agreed to go back and bring her home. So, there we drove off, up to the farm again.
You must have seen her – you must have heard her – how loudly she quacked when she saw us!
The owners understood what “she” meant for us and what “we” meant for her ... they were moved by her loud quacking, her warm welcome made that clear to them.
I found it very tough for the children, because they loved her already. They even had given her a name already: “*Pomponneke”, but they also agreed that it was best that we took her back home.
I can still see them in my thoughts, while we drove away from the farmyard they waved us farewell and called: “bye, bye, Ponponneke”!
(*They gave her that name because of the “Pom-pon” on her head.:)

During the ride back home, I got an overload of cuddles. Oh – Pipke was so delirious with joy and I was so happy to have her back!
That night .... I had no problem at all to fall asleep. I slept like a baby. (In Belgium we say: "slapen als een roos").
Now – August came almost to its end. She had become a real rascal and my husband's good friend and sparing partner.
They seemed almost like two little children, it was funny to see how they played together. When he was taking a nap on the lawn, she slept next to him and so now and then she bit playfully in his ears, then I giggled and encouraged her to do that.
It was such a funny sight!

Picking the naughty boy in his ears!:)
The day that she became three months old my grand daughter, who visited us that day, (not yet 4 years old then) insisted on celebrating this. Of course, Pipke didn't eat fruitcake, but it was a manner to celebrate this event. As you can see in the picture, she was full of joy and cuddling me the whole time. Of course, I had first taken precautions to make sure not to have Pipke's poo on me.

August 25, 1995 just three months old.

At that moment I was in the assumption that she could stay now, that my husband wasn't making a new plan, but ... that wasn't so.
I will reveal his next plan in the following post: Plan C.
See you!


  1. Good to see you back again. :)

    It can be hard when a new family member comes along for husbands. I am not really sure why. Perhaps there is a tiny tiny bit of jealousy underneath? Anyway, I look forward to reading the next installments.


  2. Maybe it's jealousy -t- but I rather think that men are more selfish. You see this sometimes that when there's a first child born, and men come no longer at the first place and they receive less attention then they feel neglected.
    Actually men remain kids!:)

    Groetjes = Greetings in Dutch!:)

  3. Pipke knew where her home was and those farms weren't it! I couldn't have left her either. Men don't understand the heart connection sometimes...

  4. I'm sure that also you would have done the same thing Jeannie.
    I know your heart sits at the right place.
    Yes some men come from an other planet!:)

  5. this same thing happened to me(and my husbandwas doing exactly what yours was doing)!

    oh i was laughing reading this post but only because i knew that she was going to end up staying with you!!i love how you set up this post, with the dif. plans AB and C. you are clever.

  6. Isn't it good that we both “*made a firm stand” Michelle.
    Imagine what we would have missed!:(:(

    (*I hope I used the correct expression for it. I had to look it up. In Dutch we say: "voet bij stuk houden". Literally translated that means: keeping foot at piece! :)
    I think it would sound stupid if I would use the literally translation!
    Thanks for passing by!:)