Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time to Relax and Enjoy Summer

This post doesn't belong to Pipke's life story, it's intended as a message.
Normally I had planned to publish a post every fourth night, but now I've been thinking.
I know some of you are traveling, others are at home enjoying the sunshine and most of you won't be sitting so much at the computer.
Well -- I'll give you all quite right. Enjoy the Summer.

Therefore also I will take it more relaxed and in a few weeks I will continue with the sequel of Pipke's life story.
At the old nest everything will go as usual. I want to give away already that the tittle of my next post there will be: To a Dear Blogger Friend. (A friend with healthproblems.)
I hope this blogger friend won't miss this post.

I wish you all a great time, enjoy life!

We hope to see you all again within a few weeks.
Bye bye!

PS: If you are a new visitor then I invite you to open this book on a blog. You can find on the sidebar how you can follow the story.


  1. ah yes--summer is such a busy time!
    we'd hate to miss any of your posts...
    thank you for the update!

  2. Very kind of you Tabitha, thank you!:)