Sunday, September 14, 2014

Loving Memory

Today, September 14, 2014 -
it's already five years ago since Pipke passed away.
I just cannot believe that it can be that long ago. Never thought that her absence would weigh so heavy.
I know - for the world she just might have been a silly duck, but to me, 
she meant the world.
My dear little loyal friend

Fate has brought us together.
I found you at the most precarious moment of your life.
You were only a few minutes old, so tiny, vulnerable and whole alone struggling to stay alive.
Luckily I was there for you at the right moment so I could save you.
In return you gave your little life to me; and what a life it was!
Beyond expression is my love for you; and for my gratitude
words fail me.
In my mind all memories are alive and deeply etched. 
In my heart I've reserved the softest place for you.
For as long as I'm aware of myself … I will remember you. 
For always


May 25, 1995 - September 14, 2009.

*In loving memory

*Watch: Pipke's life story in a nutshell.

PS: the sequel of Pipke's life story will follow soon. 
Thanks for your patience. 


  1. Very dear. I feel for you, Fran! It is always so hard to when a friend dies; no matter what species that friend belonged to. We are all creatures on the earth, we all have a connection to each other. I always feel very lucky to be able to share a bit of a life with another creature, be it a dog, cat, bird - including duck-, turtle, fish, lizard... they are all special. I am glad that you share Pipke with us now and then. :) Take care. <3 <3

  2. I only publish occasionally a post in order to prevent that the story would already be at the end Ter-o-fla.. For me the story of Pipke will never end! A big hug to all your critters 'great and small' and thanks for your comment :)
    PS: didn't know yet what that sign <3 <3 meant.
    Now that I know it :) --> <3 <3 to you too!

  3. Fran I can't seem to have access to my email account I don't know its blocked or what...I didn't even remembered your email address written somewhere else...then I thought I should try posting here
    Hope it works

  4. Dear Ambur, I'm really glad to hear from you! ;) I will send you an email immediately.
    Let me know if you've received it.

  5. Oh yes i mean i was so excited yesterday that finally there is still a way to contact you and I was praying that the comment shows my name...silly me...of course it would show :)
    Actually I can't seem to access my account. ..I've reported hacking for I doubt thats the case...

    Its been almost a month now...they texted a code on my phone number n said my account will be accessable after a month with this code. Fingers crossed