Thursday, April 10, 2014

'Pipke on TV' Almost Finished

Dear readers ,
hereby I want to let you know that the next chapter 'Pipke on TV' will follow one of these days. 
It took so long before I could announce this message because I have rewritten the whole chapter. 
It became finally approx. 5 A 4 pages long, much longer than I expected – but when you're telling a story, and certainly a love story such as this one, the memories come back easily.
By rewriting this part I relived this part very intense and 
deep, it all became so vivid, it seemed almost as though it happened yesterday.
So I hope that you don't mind that this chapter became so long, I really did my best to keep it enthralling.
It also took so long because I had problems with the archive of the TV station which took the film images of Pipke.

I will explain it at the end of the relevant chapter. 
Till soon. 

Bye, bye!

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